Gammons Gulch From The Air


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Filmed at the Gulch Movie Set Location - Dead Men the series
"Dead Men the Series"
films at the Gulch!

Gammons Gulch is located
minutes from:

  • Kartchner Caverns
  • Benson
  • The Amerind Foundation
  • Holy Trinity Monastery
  • Fort Huachuca Museum
  • Sierra Vista
  • Bisbee
  • Douglas
  • Willcox
  • Fort Bowie
  • Tombstone
  • Old Tucson Studios
Jay Gammons with John Wayne
Jay Gammons with
John Wayne

Alyssa Milano at Gammons Gulch
Alyssa Milano at
Gammons Gulch

Recent Filming at Gammons Gulch
Recent Filming at
Gammons Gulch
William Shockley and Peter Coyote on the set of "The Gundown"
William Shockley and Peter Coyote on the set of "The Gundown"
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A tribute to the Unsung Heroes behind the film
“The Gundown” Team Two Entertainment

The clip below shows our town Gammons Gulch Movie Set and Museum.

Filming starts on Monday. I feel this is an important issue for our children to learn. Honor, Integrity and Patriotism in Tombstone, Arizona. A Film Project.
J. Gammons

Upcoming Film Project

There will be a film produced about Honor, Integrity and Patriotism set in current and historic Tombstone by the Center for American Values. The film will be shot at Gammons Gulch movie set near Benson during the period of 24-28 June 2013.

Although much of the filming will take place at Gammons Gulch it will promote our town and the Old West. The purpose of this project is to teach basic values to young people and to use old west values in the demonstration thereof. The film will be distributed throughout the Country to service organizations and school districts alike.

The Gundown, staring Peter Coyote, William Shockley, Andrew Walker, Sheree J Wilson, directed by Dustin Rikert

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