Gammons Gulch From The Air


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    Wednesday through Sunday. Reservations Only.
  • June through August Reservations Only.
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Filmed at the Gulch Movie Set Location - Dead Men the series
"Dead Men the Series"
films at the Gulch!

Gammons Gulch is located
minutes from:

  • Kartchner Caverns
  • Benson
  • The Amerind Foundation
  • Holy Trinity Monastery
  • Fort Huachuca Museum
  • Sierra Vista
  • Bisbee
  • Douglas
  • Willcox
  • Fort Bowie
  • Tombstone
  • Old Tucson Studios
Jay Gammons with John Wayne
Jay Gammons with
John Wayne

Alyssa Milano at Gammons Gulch
Alyssa Milano at
Gammons Gulch

Recent Filming at Gammons Gulch
Recent Filming at
Gammons Gulch
William Shockley and Peter Coyote on the set of "The Gundown"
William Shockley and Peter Coyote on the set of "The Gundown"
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Gammons Gulch Assay Office

When you visit the Gulch be sure to see the new Assay Office and Barber Shop…

Joanne Gammons says the interior has a whole new look as well. We are flipping our two buildings and has been a lot of work.

The barber shop is now officially the Assay Office. The Assay office will be our new Barber Shop and Bath House. Working on that now.”

 Assay Office Repairs


Assay Office Roof Repairs


Pictured: Jay Gammons and Jerry Thomson making repairs on the roof of the Assay Office

Creatistia Photo Shoot

Day 2 of Scott Griessel’s “Creatistia”  Photo Shoot..

Today is “30’s” Dillinger style. Oh no, the 31 Buick won’t start. Jump in guys and push!!


Gammons Gulch Photography Shoot

Tuscon Lifestyle Article

Read the Current Issue of Tucson Lifestyle Magazine Article on Gammons Gulch…

Gammons Gulch...


Past PerfectJay and Joanne

Jay Gammons is living his dream. The founder and owner of Gammons Gulch, he has built his very own Old West town and mining camp, where you can “step back in time.”

  “People who haven’t been here think we are just a façade with building fronts, but we are real,” Gammons stresses.

“Our main street features entire buildings. We are equipped with tools, furnishings and other relics of the past. Movie companies love us because we are real.” read more…


Jay Gammons