Special Thanks to Gammons Gulch from a happy visitor.

Hi Jay,

We were the couple with the fuzzy doodle dog that we took across from coast to coast and you were so sweet to us and Ziggy dog. Our own private tour that we will never forget. You are such a nice man to give us little treasures from your ghost town. We put the old brick down my the foundation of a building and used the donkey shoe as part of the sign to our miniature John Wayne Town in our backyard. You inspired us 3 years ago to visit 18 real ghost towns in Nevada, Montana, Idaho and Oregon! We were the ones that both lost our jobs so Diane started a dog resort and Ziggy is the dog host.

We made lemonaid out of the situation and love that the biz pays all the monthly bills, taxes and vacations!

I was so surprised to be watching free Riki TV yesterday and a western movie called Vermijo was featured and it was done very well! Good job Jay. Wow it showed beautiful scenery and your great little Western town.

Hope all is well in health and happiness for you and Joanne?

Love what you are doing to never forget about our Wild West history.

Diane and Diamond Dave (my pastor buddy calls me that) and Ziggy Girl who really loved to hear you playing your banjo for her in the bar.