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Gammons Gulch Movie Set


“The Debacle” was filmed in part at Gammons Gulch in July, 2011.

It was produced and directed by Chris Koenig and Ryan Woods of Four 80 Vault Films


“Dead Men the Series” films at Gammons Gulch. Click Here for more about this film …

We at Gammons Gulch would like to thank everyone who has visited us the last few months. Your kind support and encouragement helps us to keep going and adding more to our town for your enjoyment.


It’s not enough to say of Tuscon’s Bryan Lopez that he is a young man of drive, discipline and vision, laudable as those qualities are, and how essential they are to sucess in almost every endeavor.

Couple his estimable attributes with an artists sensibility and you really have something special, something to count on for the long haul.

Bryan Lopez is an artist and with his album Ultra he has begun the real work of going inside himself to find out what he has to say to the world. And lo, it is good. Read More About Bryan


Requited is about brothers and their relationships. The film opens with a gang of outlaws robbing a bank in an old western town. The Sheriff and his fellow law men stop them in their tracks and a violent shotout erupts.

Our main character John loses his brother Peter to a gun wound after desperately trying to save his life. John follows the old western ways and seeks revenge to kill whoever is responsible for his brother’s death.

The story takes twists and turns as John unfolds the truth. Throughout the film, we see significant moments of John and Peter’s childhood that are helpful to John’s search for revenge.


Gammons Gulch is the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Looking for a unique wedding venue? Look no further than the Gulch.






2011 has gone by fast and furious for Jay and me. It was a good year at Gammons Gulch. I would like to thank all who made our year so good.
Such as the:

  • Annual Cascabel Fire Department picnic.
  • The Model T Club from Tucson, Az.
  • The Good Sams Club
  • The Red Hat Ladies
  • The Tuesday Motorcycle Riders Club
  • Green Valley Camera Club
  • Cactus Country Camera Club, Tucson, Az.
  • Sulfur Springs Valley Historical Society.
  • Sierra Vista Widows Club.
  • Benson Jehovah Witness yearly party. ( So much fun )
  • Village Meadows Baptist Church tour
  • Dr. Jay and Linda from Tombstone and all the people he brought with him so many times.
  • To all of our return tourists who so gratefully bring people to us.


Other Projects Shot at Gammons Gulch

  • Christian Broadcasting show “Carroll Robersons Ministry” Made for T.V.
  • Pick-up shots for “Incident at Blackwood”
  • “The Adventures of Loop and Rhett”
  • The “Debacle”.
  • “Shot to Power” Student Film from U of A, Tucson.

And a great big THANK YOU to Gerry Thomson, Ron and June Johnson, Ted and Sally Elenberger for all their help this past year.
To all my Facebook friends who say such wonderful things about Gammons Gulch —– a GREAT BIG “THANK YOU” to all.

If we have missed something, I apologize for it and Thanks to you known or unknown for your love and support to us.

God Bless you all!

Thank you all for believing in Gammons Gulch.